The world continued without me….

A wonderful hello to you and thank you for dropping by for a read. I trust your day has been utterly delightful and will continue on this way. I am managing to get this do nothing thing happening…I am sleeping much of the day so of a night time, I am just watching movies as my family sleep…I think that maybe the tablets the medical team gave me does this so I HAVE to rest. I have decided to do today’s blog on what has happened whilst I was in the hospital and out of touch with the ‘real’ world.

I did not do too much when I got home as I had to catch up on missed calls, emails and so on, therefore what was going on here in Australia and in the rest of the World did not seem that important. However, for the better part of last night, I spent much of my ‘relaxing’ time catching up on what has been happening. I do not know if it is a good thing to be able to say this but with the eight-day absence, there was no real fresh news.

Here in Australia, the biggest story was the closure of the Holden factory, the passing of an era, and the old ‘Aussie’ losing one of our identifying markers….football, meat pie, kangaroo and holden car. I was very teary having watched the clips with all those wonderfully iconic Aussie cars travelling down the street lined with my fellow citizens. I even managed to catch a view of my first car (Holden HQ) so it was a moving story. 

holden hq
1972 Holden HQ.

Sadly the International arena was not so good. I could find nothing that was positive or uplifting. Conflict in the Middle East, Africa, etc continues, refugees still seeking safe shelter around the world with the First World countries still not sharing their wealth and so on. Then the one man newsmaker and the numerous articles he has been involved in, yes, President Donald Trump. It really was so very upsetting, heartbreaking and just plain depressing the amount of news generated around him and I could not find a single story that had a positive and nice feel to it. How can one man spread so much pain and hurt is beyond me, what is worst is that he is the leader of one the most powerful countries on the planet. I only managed to get halfway through the stories about him before I stopped and decided that his lack of humanity was too much for me to deal with all at once. 

It has been an odd sort of adventure, you drop out for a week and on your return there really is not that much difference, maybe a little more hatred, fear, and despair, so it makes you realize that your problems may not be that bad after all. That when you wake up and you are feeling a little sore, disorientated, feeling really depressed, that it is not the worst issues that people are dealing with in this very big, very unfriendly world. 



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