Me time….relax.

Good Afternoon and again thank you for joining me. I hope that your day is sharing with you all the joy there is to make the day special. I am having another good day and am doing a little home cooking today. As I said yesterday I am doing a little extra each day toward improving my well-being. Today I am cooking up some homemade soups (beetroot: cabbage: pumpkin). I have always been a big fan of homemade soups and given that my tummy has been so unsettled I thought it may help.

I had a sound night sleep overnight and that was after a gentle day yesterday. I have been on the bike again this morning and really enjoyed that I actually completed this morning what I did for the whole of yesterday. I still have to finish off my room from yesterday but I am getting there, and I feel that from where I am coming from (control freak) to doing it over several days is certainly a step in the right direction.

I am sitting here writing this up and really truly not stressing because I have chores I have not done…I know that it will not last, as the nature of anxiety, depression and poor health, is it is unpredictable, but getting my act together again, just makes me feel special.

I am planning to drag out one of my colour books this weekend and spend a little time colouring in each day, for no more reason than I actually enjoy it, in short, actually creating relaxation time. I am not going to push it by overdoing it and try to do too much, neutral tasting but healthy food: colouring in for my relaxation: my blog to organise my thoughts, and my bike riding to get this body into shape and the mind focusing a little better.  So stay turned in and see how I go!

cabbage soup
cabbage, red onion, potato, carrot, ginger, garlic, veggie stock, moroccan seasoning, garam masala, pink salt, mixed pepper, paprika


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