It is not size that counts!

A delightful hello on this wonderful day. We have cloud cover here at the moment but it has meant that the temperature has dropped a little, so that is good. I hope that your day has been gentle with you, and has been going as it should. I have had a somewhat productive day but not through any sound planning by me.

As you know I have had some test results come back that have not been very good and like most people with self-esteem problems, I have gone straight to “I am being punished” mode, and effectively made it so much worse than it most likely is. Anyway, the director that oversees the wellness programme I am enrolled in, rang today to see how I have been getting on. As we were reviewing my medical issues she suggested that I focused just on addressing the eating potion that impacted most on the gallbladder, and as we got into the conversation the reasoning became so clear. 

The way I have been at the moment anytime I have tried to consume anything my system has rebelled, so I am avoiding upsetting it for very obvious reasons. Now I have a little clearer understanding of exactly what the gallbladder does, I can modify my eating so that I am gentler on it, and allow it a couple of days to get itself back into a reasonable working order. I also now have a clear understanding of why after all these years of ‘healthier’ eating my system is giving me a hard time as I try to reverse the way I have had it running. 

I did what any well-informed person of the 21st century does, googled for information about the gallbladder and how it impacts on your well-being. I was truly gob-smacked at the role this tiny little organ has, and the actual role it plays in your well-being. I have added a picture so you can see it really is not very big but the list of things you can have wrong if it is not working properly is massive. What really surprised me was from the list there are numerous ‘health’ concerns I have had on and off for years that I have simply put down to being run down, reaction to something or just me not taking enough care of myself. I guess size really does matter!


22 Symptoms of Gallbladder Disease

These symptoms indicate that your gallbladder may not be functioning well.

  • 1) Nausea and Vomiting
  • 2) Fatty/Greasy Stools
  • 3) Pain Between the Shoulder Blades
  • 4) Abdominal Pain
  • 5) Chronic Gas and Bloating
  • 6) Itchy Skin
  • 7) Yellowing of the Skin
  • 8) Headaches and Migraines
  • 9) Constipation and Diarrhoea
  • 10) Light Coloured Stools
  • 11) Sexual Dysfunction
  • 12) Bitter Taste in Mouth
  • 13) Fibromyalgia
  • 14) Hypothyroidism
  • 15) Loss of Hunger
  • 16) Dry Skin and Hair
  • 17) Chemical Sensitivities
  • 18) History of Prescription, Over The Counter or Illegal Drug Use
  • 19) Weight Loss Resistance
  • 20) Skin Rashes
  • 21) Constant Runny Nose
  • 22) IT Band Pain


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