Poets, Misfits and Artists…

Good Evening and again I appreciate you giving up some of your day to read my thoughts. I hope that your weekend has been restful and allowed you to find a little peace in this somewhat hectic world.

I found this on a facebook page and like it that much I decided to share it and explain why it struck a chord with me. I was raised in what would best be described as ‘establishment, and  Catholic’, so what we were exposed to was traditional and nothing else was encouraged. It was only as I started to go out with friends, explore all that the seventies had to offer, did I realise that there was a world of options out available to explore. 

I still take comfort and find peace in much of the music, words and memories from these people who did not quite fit into the social norms. I know that the world would be a lesser place without them sharing how they see everything. It is only when someone shows us a new way to look at something, do we stop to take the time to do it.

Be one of these people who explore this world of different souls with so much to share with us. They look at the world in a different way and often this is spectacular, breath-taking and challenging….do not miss this experience just because they are different from what society has told us is normal and acceptable.


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