Same-Sex Marriage

A wonderful hello to you and as usual I hope that your day has been wonderful for you. Today I am going to review an Australia only topic, so if you are an overseas follower just be patient with me, as this is a matter I feel strongly about.

My form from the ABS arrived today with a form that asks me if I think that the law should be changed to allow same-sex marriage? I can see several problems with this.  As it is not through the electoral commission I am not sure it would be a legally binding vote. There is no way of knowing that the view has been expressed by me, anyone could have completed this form. I am annoyed that this has been done this way as the Federal Government can again sidestep this issue, deflecting on a matter that many Australia’s feel so strongly.

I become very annoyed with a government that will side-step matters of State by creating an issue from something that should just be considered a right. The men and women that are voted into power by the people of their district should have been able to have a conscience vote if it was required to be voted on. I fail to see how difficult it could have been given the high profile that this matter has had for the past year or so.

Having a formally recognised union with the person you love should be a given for anyone. To argue that it is not natural, is against god’s law, cannot be formally recognised by state law, is a little on the lame side when same-sex relationships are recognised as common-law relationships.

The Federal Parliament has successfully ignoring serious economic problems in this country for so long by keeping this matter front page. The Australian people have on more than one occasion made their views known, so I find myself asking why are these elected representatives are so determined to keep us focused on this. 

When your form arrives, fill it in, drop it back in the mailbox, and as a Nation get this basic right in place, allowing those who love each other to formally commit. After this has been achieved maybe the elected politicians can get to do the job we elected them to do…find jobs for the unemployed, fix the education system, make sure that all our citizens have houses…well you get the idea. 


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