Sorting Yourself….

Good afternoon and I hope that your day has been kind to you! I have been having one of my off days, so this is not going to be an overly long blog, just really needed to get some of the ideas that are rattling around in my head onto paper so I can sort them out. If you are following me you will know that I have several different health issues that stop me from being a functioning member of my community. I have tried to run away and ignore it but that just made it worse, so now it is looking at how I adjust and actually deal.

I do know that I need to follow medical direction, I need to lose weight, I need to work with a psychologist to fix my issues, I need to accept that I am not expected to be perfect and it is okay to not be able to do everything. However, the biggest problem for me is I have issues with letting others have any control in with my life, so I am trying to work through that, plus I find having nothing to do is really causing me problems.

I have put together an overview that allows me to do one thing at a time. I am hoping that this will help me get to my final goals. I find that the good days let me think that all is good and I do not stop to plan for the off days, and on my off days I simply feel sorry for myself. I guess that this picture sums it up beautifully…I need to find what lights me up and use that to keep meaning in my life. 


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