Never ignore your health!

Good evening and again, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Well, I had my doctor’s visit today to follow up on those medical test I had last week. I was feeling so much better today, and therefore thinking that it was most likely just some little nasty I had come in contact with. I do not have anything life threating, life-changing – yes, and the result was quite interesting.

My doctor has told me that I have gallbladder stones, and there is evidence of some damage to the liver. Neither are life threating and both can be successfully treated. I am to be referred to a specialist and we will go from there, but until then I am to watch my diet and continue to follow ‘my getting healthy’ regime we have in place now. I will be honest and say that until my doctor told me what the result of the test was I really did not know what either the liver or gallbladder did. Yes, like y’all I know it is in the body around the ribcage area and acts as a filter of sorts but nothing else.

I have added some pictures at the end of this blog so you can see just how important the liver is, and the good bit is that it repairs itself, so I can get it back to doing what it should and fix up the damage I am living with at the moment. My doctor has told me that we have much to do as we will need to work out what is causing the damage. I did not have any issues seven years ago, so we will need to review what has changed that could have created this current problem. Mind you I have had much change in this period, for this was about the time I had a very odd blood reading and a virus that I just could not get rid of.  Like most people I simply continued to work thinking that it was just one of those things….sadly it looks like it is more than one of those things.

I have the utmost faith in my doctor and am very comfortable in knowing we will get this sorted, even if it is going to be hard work for me. What has been the ‘shock’ factor in all this is that my symptoms can be mistaken for so many other problems such as reflux; that there is a big chance that this has been an issue on and off over the years (my eating has always been linked to my mental health issues, not always as it should be, and can cause other issues), and my diagnosis now, is because my doctor has gotten to know me over the years and therefore looks for all possible answers. 

I guess the purpose for writing this one today is to raise an awareness that our health should never be taken for granted, that upset tummy, your heartburn not going away even after you have taken those tablets, should be checked out. I know that we often do not worry about establishing a connection with a doctor, but without this bond important facts could be overlooked. I have an excellent relationship with my doctor and share, with her, details I share with no-one else, and in return, I have had health issues found, and treated that could have gone undetected with another doctor. At the of the day, it is YOU that is responsible for your well-being, yes, your doctor will support you in the diagnosis and treatment, but they can do nothing if you do not participate. 

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