Dare to Dream!

A wonderful Sunday hello, and I hope that your weekend has been good to you! I am going to ask a simple question today, do you dream? I have met several people just recently who have the path of their life set in cement and that is it. I am always changing what I want to achieve, some new cause that must be supported, a new skill I just absolutely have to master, I can never just accept anything simply because! Whilst this may not suit everyone, it does allow for me to find a dream to hang onto when life gets rough. 

I know that during the past six odd months I would not have survived what I  have been through but for the fact that I had something to hold on to. I have created a list of new things I want to achieve, some are little, very achievable dreams such as getting back to the healthy weight I should be, but others are not and go all the way up to (the one I have had since I was seven years old), becoming a published writer. Do not get me wrong there are days when I find it so very difficult to get out of bed, but it must be done and you do it. At the moment my daughter is working with me to try to work out a simple walking plan that allows for those ‘off’ days to eventually be eliminated. Goal setting and dream making, the goals should be achievable and the dreams big enough to challenge you to go out and chase them, no matter what is happening in your life!

Life is scary, so why not include some really big dreams that mean you are going to keep pushing yourself to be the very best person you can be….you never know where it will lead you. I am certain that any of those folks you admire did not always think they would be a person who would influence others. Why settle for the ‘pigeon holes’ that society has assigned you to…you do not have to work in the job you have, look for what makes you happy than see how you get there. The dream is only as little as you make it, and it is only unachievable if you stop chasing after it.


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