Your time ~ relax and enjoy.

Good morning to you and I hope that your weekend is starting well? I do have to ask why you are reading a blog penned by an unknown Aussie woman at the beginning of this glorious weekend, but I am most appreciative of this fact. I am going to relax for today as my body is still not playing nicely, it has been decided that a liquid detox may be of help, so that is what is up for me. 

I have added a beautiful picture of a countryside to encourage you to take some special time for yourself, family and friend (whatever your setup is), I know to my cost that putting your downtime to one side is not good. I always thought that I would have plenty of time to do what I wanted to or needed to with my health being a given. I was wrong! I would dearly love to go back and be able to take time to spend with my mates, take the kids to the park, simply plan meals, and take care of myself having an awareness of the long-term effects ignoring this would create. I can share with you now that the housework keeps (if anyone has a problem – give them the broom or duster and tell them to “go for it”); your children do not stay young forever so interact whilst you can, and your health is not a given, so take some YOU time, that is really and truly just about you.

I often wonder when we became so obsessed about how others perceive us. I know that when I hear the older folk chatting it is not about fashion, or other silly stuff, but rather how their family is going. I would query, whilst I was still working, why we all gave up our free time to continue to do additional work for our boss, and as a mother, I never stopped to think that the extra ‘canteen’ duty meant less time watching my soccer-playing children. I would love the chance to go back and change all of that, no it may not make any difference to what is happening with my health, but I would certainly be more content, having a better personal structure in place for me to be able to deal with this on a ‘just about me’ level. But that is one of the great things about life, you learn, you share, you grow. 

Now, before I sign off and you go away to have a wonderful day I am going to say that if you have tips or hints that might help me, please feel free to leave them in the comment box at the bottom. 


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