Elected Politicians are responsible for the disgusting state of the Nation! 

I hope that this terrific Thursday is treating you well? I have had a slow start to the day, mainly because I have been catching up on what has been happening here in Australia as well as world events, and it is very heartbreaking when you can lose nearly two weeks away from social happens and nothing has changed. We still have the US of A fool trying to lead the world into another war, whilst ignoring the natural disasters that have decimated America. The leaders from Europe are pretty much-ignoring everything, and here in Australia, well our clowns, are keeping the marriage equality vote front page so they really do not have to run the country.

I am a little annoyed that the Government recognises same-sex relationships when it comes to government payments but has created a major issue about formalising this union, which as far as I can see, has nothing to do with any real issue of running Australia but rather serving some hidden or underlying ‘old boys club’ purpose. Sadly, this reason will only become apparent after the damage has been done. I lived through the ‘Howard’ era where many of the nasty policies were pushed through whilst the ‘Aussie’ public, via the media, and up-to-date pollie interviews and statements, were kept up to date on ‘important’ issues. 

My learned distrust of politicians is as a result of growing up in Queensland under the Bjelke-Peterson dictatorship. He effectively ran this State without any opposition for most of his reign. Queensland had corruption at every level with very little to actually benefit the average person, laws were changed to reduce any form of public opposition, and if you did manage to voice a view you were quickly discredited. I am a student of history and know that politicians rarely operate in interests of the citizens they represent, which when you think that they only have their job because we voted them in to voice our community’s interest and they generally end up leaving the job in a far better position that the voter who put them into the role, it is very saddening.

I become so annoyed when I have to listen to the current leader of this nation Malcolm Turnbull (current estimated net worth above $200 million, and no outlay for maintaining his home as the Australian public paid for the security upgrade on his Point Piper mansion, whilst maintaining both the official residences of Kirribilli House and The Lodge to the expected level of opulence). He has no problem telling the media, all Australian voters and those who are lucky enough to have jobs, that those without employment and in receipt of a benefit payment of $535.00 per fortnight are the reason that this country is in a mess. This is disgraceful when you think that it is only every three years that your local member will be held accountable for what they do, and only if there is another person that the other party has selected the community can relate to. 

We have a system in place at the moment where a person with a wage of about $250,000.00 per year is making decisions that impact on people whose yearly income is $13910.00, and there is no way that the wealthy person could ever understand what it is like to have to make a decision about you paying an essential bill, such as the gas or getting enough food to feed your kids to the next payment date. Our current Prime Minister is collecting from the Australian people a wage of  $517,504.00 and there are no balance and checks in place, such as would occur within the private domain, to ensure that we are being provided with the service we are investing in, we are all the shareholders in this company, oops that should read country!

Now let us review what is required for the citizen who is receiving the yearly payment of $13910.00. This individual needs to report each fortnight without fail, they must attend any other appointments arranged, undertake training as directed, and complete all other task identified as necessary.  Now the actually days that our elected representatives meet in parliament for 2016 was for an approx 10 hour day for 60 days, pop on into your local Centrelink office and let the staff there know you are available for this and see what happens! 

I am very annoyed by the fact that the people we put our faith into to keep this country running properly are failing to do their job correctly and deflect the attention away from their gross incompetence, by creating a major issue of a basic right for any consenting adult person and that is to marry the person they love.

no brain no heart (2)

I have added these two links, you can review the earnings of the elected representative for your district. Never accept ‘a truth’ because it is ‘reported’, always ask and ask again!




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