Which face is the real face?

Hello, and thank you for joining me. I have been busy today, and am feeling very enlighted. This always happens when I have to wait whilst getting a medical test done, my brain has all that free time and it plays with numerous concepts hiding in the various caves throughout my mental playground! I watch people who are also waiting and create entire lives for them, based on how they behave, the way they talk, and how they interact with those around them. I often wonder if people realise what sort of messages they give to the world simply by the way they hold their body, the way they look or talk to others and if it is what they would do, if they knew.

I have always been a ‘person’ watcher, as a little being I created adventures for those around me, with the only thing that has changed now is that I understand people have so much going on in their mind, heart and home that often you can never know what makes them act as they do. I like that way you can sit in a waiting room and chat to another patient as if you have known them for years, you exchange tips on how to best deal with what ever it is that has you waiting there. You find a form of solidarity against a common enemy – unidentified illness – and unify with the destruction of this enemy. It is very comforting in the oddest way.

I am finding that I am noticing the smallest of things at the moment. I do not know if it is because I worry that I have something seriously wrong and my doctor will not be able to cure me, or if it is because those who are unwell do really talk to each other more openly, but it really seems that the ‘average person’ just ignores everything but what is right in front of them. Society has this void where there is no form of interaction between each person. Test this for yourself, pull up a chair at the train station, bus stop, or central common area at the local shopping mall, and watch how many people sit there (even in groups) and do not interact, they simply play with their mobile phone/computers. As this is often between ‘mates’, what chance does society stand with the engagement necessary for any social group to continue.

My other big ‘too much time on my hands’ notice today is just how little time people spend breathing. Yeah I know that sounds really silly, but some of the tests I had today required me to inhale/exhale as the body is designed to, so once I left the medical centre I really picked up in the shallow breathing all around me. As a society, we do not seem to care about our health, both psychically or mentally, or if and how we interact with others until we have a problem that requires us to review what is happening. It seems to me that it is only when our foundation is rocked that we question just how solid the understructure is that we have our house on.

So now I am back home, feeling enlighted, very happy to share this with you, and grateful for you popping by for a read. Thank you for spending some time with me, hope you have a wonderful night or day (depending on where you are), and if you have any feed back please feel free to open a chat. 


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