Finding direction?

Good evening to you and hope that you had a happy day. Today’s blog is going to be short as I have not had a very good day. I am exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. I made a promise to myself when I started this that I would write something every day, and I am going to keep to that, no matter how easy it would be to make an excuse to side step a day.

I ended up going to see my doctor as I am just not getting better, and she is sending me off for several tests to see if we can get an answer to what is going on. I just do not trust myself and worry that I have something seriously wrong, but I also know that as I have both anxiety and depression I overthink everything, and assume that the worst is going to happen. I also have the added problem that I assume that I am being punished because I am not a good, or worthy person. I have arrived home from an exhausting day, not feeling well enough to do anything, my doctor told me I HAVE TO DRINK, yes upset tummy that has not dealt well with anything in it, so once I finish this blog, I am going to have something to drink, then take myself off to bed and hopefully feel at least semi-human tomorrow.

Thank you for joining me and I am sharing this lovely tip below because my ‘feel sorry for me’ words should not be what you take away with you!

life is to be (2)

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