Just breathe, it is week’s end!

A beautiful hello as the Saturday morning starts your weekend. I hope that your weekend is as you plan and you do find a little down time just for you! I have made plans to organise the room my children have very sweetly let me have while I sort out my life.

I am so very appreciative of just how generous the kids have been since the medical team in Wagga Wagga told me that I would need to have supervision, because of the unpredictable of my condition, until a proper diagnosis, and therefore, treatment can be worked out. I certainly am not comfort with the idea that I may never be able to live independently again, but I am trying to keep some sort of balance in my life. So today I have decided that I am going to do a ‘spring clean’ in the house, at least until I get worn-out, and this way I can feel as if I am still a funtioning person. 

I have not had a very good week and my inner demons are really tormenting me, so I am in no man’s land, with no real direction, and emotions that are pushing me further down that dark tunnel…I am fighting, struggling and just taking each minute as it comes, knowing that if I get to Wednesday then my doctor will help me, and I will at least have some sanctuary. I have decided that I am just going to breathe and appreciate that it is week’s end and I can now find some activities to do over the weekend.

I know that most people view the weekend as the time to catch up on what should have been completed during the week, getting organised for next week, maybe some family or friend time, playing or watching their favourite sport, shopping, and all the other tasks that should have already been done. I know this because it was always how I spent my weekends’, but I will ask that you think really hard about taking some time just for you.

It does not have to be hours, maybe just enough time to leisurely drink a cuppa, whilst listening to your favourite music or watching the world go by, a soak in the bath and read a couple of chapters from that book you have been looking at for months, just sitting at your favourite place and watching your town/city on the move, anything that is just about you ‘relaxing’. It may not seem much but I can tell you that over a lifetime your body and mind will thank you.

So enjoy your cuppa, your special time, your weekend, and thank you for using some of your very valuable time to read my thoughts.

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