I have a duty to more than just myself!

A cheerful hello and again thank you for giving up some of your day to have a read of my thoughts. I have started today organising myself for the additional paperwork I need to get finished off so I can head into town tomorrow. I am fairly certain that I am going to return to full-time study but am not sure yet just what field this will be in, but before I make that decision I will need to sort out my other odds and bods simply because I can only manage to work on one issue at a time. 

I am gaining an awareness to my limitation as a result of my medical conditions but also because I have had a good education, am well spoken and present myself as effective, it is assumed that I am lazy and want an easy out. At no point does anyone stop to consider that I have a mind that works differently, a body that is governed by its own rules (yes, I accept that there are issues I can correct and may decrease some of the problems but that is something I will review later), and reverse the damage I have suffered because of relationships I have had throughout my life.  I have done a fairly good job for the bulk of my life avoiding doing just that. I am now looking at it all one issue at a time now, but it certainly does not stop me from reviewing the world and being an active citizen. In fact, this has, and I think will always be my saviour, for no matter how bad my life may be I have always had some cause to fight for.

Now to the original concept for the blog…’I have a duty to more than just myself!’. Yes, I need to ensure that I function and can play an active part in having a life but there are numerous ways around this, many agencies in place for support, and networks that can be accessed as required. However, if as a citizen you decide that it is not your job, or that someone else can worry about that, eventually all these support networks, groups and agencies disappear. The one thing I have noticed over my numerous years of being ‘community aware’ is that those we elect to represent us really do not care about ‘what is right’ unless we make them care. I have noticed that more and more ‘help agencies’ are disappearing under this current government and there is nothing being done about it. The media decided to focus on what is happening over seas, Yes, that is a worry but not as much as the fact that there are parents and kids sleeping in the local park, or that a 55yr old woman, who has raised her kids and can no longer afford a house and is not employable, is on a park bench just across from the family.

Oh, not reading about this in the paper or seen it on the news, that is because it does not get ratings for the media networks because the bulk of these people are the uneducated, long term lower social economic demographics, that as a society we stop caring about in any way a good twenty years ago. It is time for us, as same said society, to tell our elected representatives (yes, they work for us and we pay their wages) that we need to put issues about health, well-being, education, and housing of our citizens before the upcoming trip of the British Royal Family, or the granting of pay increases for members of parliament (without opposition or PUBLIC debate), and the list continues, as that is why we have them running the country.  

I often feel that the elected members have no idea as to what is really happening in their communities. I am going to use the homelessness as an example because it will make no difference where you are you will have witnessed it. You state that under no condition should any citizen in this country sleep on the street, then activate work with councils and States to ensure that the houses sitting empty were being used.  All problems do have answers, but I think that we sometimes forget we do not need to do it all at once. Let us began with one small issue, work on that and continue until we are heading toward fixing it all. 


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