Life is to be enjoyed!

A big hi and thank you again for popping by to see what I have done with today. I have been out for the bulk of the day, as I had to visit my doctor, and I generally make it into a ‘get other stuff done as well day’, so I have just got back home. Yes, I am exhausted and will certainly sleep well tonight, but I am very pleased with myself for I achieved all I had on my list, am organising dinner plus doing my blog. This would have been all too much for me less than 4 weeks ago.

I am really surprised just how much difference the change of mind set has made for me. My doctor has confirmed today that my blood test results are good, which means that the increased dose for my epilepsy is now where it needs to be. I have lost weight (this has been very much a challenge for me for the past ten years since I damaged my left knee), I have managed to get myself out for a walk for seven days, and am coping without my anti-depression tablets. In short, once I decided to take control and push myself beyond my comfort zone, I am pleased with what I have achieved…it may not be much for others but for me, it is the same as if I was climbing Mount Bartle Frere

The thing that has been the biggest stand out from this for me is just how I feel challenged. I am still not well, I often forget what I am doing (always have a note book with me), terrified as to what I am going to do with the rest of my life (I am not ready to be pensioned out) and I would assume, like most other people I am curious as to what my future has lined up. I do wonder if I had not had my holiday in the hospital would I have had any of these concerns? Is it only because of the concept that tomorrow is not a guarantee that I find myself panicking over matters I have no control over? It is quite silly for no one has that guarantee, and before I lost the first eight days in June, it was something I never gave another thought to. 

I am finding that by writing this blog, reviewing my day’s activities, setting goals, and pushing my boundaries that I am gaining more of a belief in the fact that I will overcome this and I can gain control of my life again. I may have set backs, and end up doing something I never dreamed of, but I am happy to get out there and give it a go. I am enjoying myself and finding a way back to living life as it deserves to be!

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