Reaching goals and giving yourself credit!

I hope that your weekend has been rewarding, you are well rested and ready to face whatever this upcoming week has lined up. 

I am starting my week with another visit to my doctor for my regular check in and to work on the plan we constantly review. However, where I would normally have had this as the centre of my week, I now have it as just one of the many activities I have listed to do. When I decided to stop accepting that I could not do anything, because of my illness and health restrictions, I have been managing to get more tasks done. It may not be a big chore but I have a list and cross something off each day. I am very happy with myself this week as I have gone for a walk for the past five days, and while it may not be much for others I am very proud of myself because it was my ‘to do’ task for last week and I completed it.

I plan to get more paperwork organised next week. It is paperwork and various departments I should have already dealt with, but keep making excuses not to, simply because I find it too difficult, or I would have had to leave the house and worried in case I had one of my turns when I was out and about. Now I am reclaiming who I am, given myself permission to not be perfect all the time, I worry way less about these problems happening, and trust that if something does occur there will be a kind soul at the ready to assist me.  I think I have decided that we are good at something, (I know I was before I had my turn), so I am now going to rediscover what that was and focus on rebuilding these skills. 

I am looking back on the past three weeks, from the point where my daughter said to me to ‘not to re-read books, but rather challenge myself by reading new books’, and look at what I have put together. Yes, I still have bad days (today being one of them), but I am setting goals and have managed to complete some of them each day, on the days I get them all done I feel like I rule the world, but the thing is I am achieving something each day. 

I can state with much confidence that setting goals for yourself when your life is not where it should be is incredibly difficult. Having a list of task that you are working your way through when you just want to stay in bed creates major issues, but has given me an amazing feeling of success when I finish just one thing. To set a list for yourself is hard work, to do things off this list are also hard, but the feeling of accomplishment is amazing. And I can say that to be able to share with others what you have completed is so wonderful. 

self_confidence (2)

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