Lifestyle choices and personal wellness.

A lovely hello to you, and as it is Saturday I would assume that you are in a good space. Thank you for joining me, and I am very grateful if you have been reading me daily. It has really amazed me at just how much I have gotten out of this undertaking. First the idea that I will be writing something every day regardless of how I am feeling, has meant that I know I must complete this before I can call it a day. Then having to formulate my ideas, emotions, and thoughts into a working order has been very beneficial for me.

As you know I have been looking at the various ways in which people deal with the unforeseen happenings in their life, be it a sudden illness, the death of a loved one, losing a job, or any number of events that we have not planned for. There are numerous books, websites, advice columns, seers, trained personnel and various others who can support you through your journey. Some are a little more ‘out there’ than others but generally, they seem to have the same notions underpinning them…”we can help, for a small fee”. 

I have no problem with people making money but when did this become the underpinning need for everything. What happens to those who are in serious need of help and support but are not in the financial position to purchase this assistance.  When did it become okay to let people think that support must have a cost attached to it before it is considered any good?

As I look for more answers I came up with variations of a how lifestyle choices can allow you to live longer, have control of your life and find support.  There are many of these, and a quick google search will provide what will best suit your needs. I have to say that I am a little disappointed as there is this assumption that only people who have it ‘all together’ fall apart.  From what I have been researching this morning I have put together a summary of what many of these sites have to offer. I put into the search engine my symptoms as listed by my medical team, and this is a summary of what it recommended for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle –

  • Don’t smoke
  • Exercise daily for at least 30 mins
  • Don’t drink any more than one alcoholic drink (women) or two (men) daily
  • Eat less processed foods, increase fiber, reduce sodium, increase lots of fruits and vegetables, and drink water

(Can I just add that I don’t smoke or drink and that the food is pretty much in line with what I have 90% of the time.)

I did find some ‘new-age’ sites that offer tips on releasing the negative energy and focusing on you. There are ones that offer seven days staying at a resort with access to trained professional who will assist you in finding your centre. I am certain that these all have their place and will assist many in need of care, but what happens to those of us who can not afford a week away, or weekly sessions with a highly trained professional. 

As a kid growing up I can remember going to the community hall with my Nana. This hall catered for everything from bingo, kids playing, exercise sessions, cooking classes, craft classes, and the list continues but it was a way for the people of the town to get together and enjoy each others company, whilst learning new skills, and I am now thinking, maybe supporting each other through what life was throwing at them. The activities there were put on by local groups, I can remember the women from the CWA teaching us girls how to hand sew, cook and keep a clean house, all skills I still use to this day. 

So the point that I am hoping to make today is that finding your way back to good health, maintaining your well-being, seeking answers for matters that torment you, understanding what lifestyle choices you have or how to improve your personal wellness, ultimately come from you. Not everyone can afford to seek out ‘a professional’, but this is nothing new,  we can not all undertake the latest health programme, but eating well works too, you do not have to necessarily seek out that psychologist just asked your medical support person or that trusted friend for help. It is terrifying trying to find someone to talk to, seeing if you have a purpose to be here, but take that huge step and google or ring a community support group and have a chat.



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