A new season begins.

A lovely hello to you, and this is the first day of the new season. I always love the changing of the seasons for it shows us that there is always hope and nothing has to stay the same forever.

I have spent today sorting more of my belongings as I continue to reorganise my life. I have discovered as I have begun to make inroads into improving my well-being, that I have accumulated so much rubbish that I really do not need. It is almost as if I have had some sort of fear that if I actually dispose of anything that I would cease to be. I am trying to work out if it is because I had to share as a child, or simply because I worry that if I need something, I will not be able to find it, and the world will stop. No matter the reason, looking at it now I find myself very saddened because as someone who prides herself on hippie ideologies I have accumulated so much junk I am most likely responsible for at least a small rainforest ceasing to be! Hence my desire to cull what I no longer need, but fear not I will be recycling so I can be happy in the knowledge that it will continue to be of use.

I have decided that I am now going to reintroduce myself to many of the ideologies that I found so engaging as I was growing up in the 60/70s. A lifestyle that harms no other living creature; one where I appreciate my body and treat it with respect and care; one where I take the time to ensure that the environment is cared for, and so on. I engaged in many of these because it was the thing to do at the time, but now I find myself drawn back to them as I focus my mind, align my body and find peace for myself in this crazy, chaotic and self-centred world.

I spend part of today reviewing my work options (yesterday I had a little too much free time to think about where I am heading) and realised that until my medical team work out what is going on, I really can not work. It is not just a risk to my psychical and psychological well-being but I can be a risk to others as well, because of the unknown component of my health. So, in short, I have no choice but to find other activities that I can engage with that will continue to challenge me to push myself, whilst not risking my return to good health. I am very happy doing my blog, I am going for a walk every second day, I am engaging with an overall wellness programme, and I keep track of how I am improving on a weekly basis. Very big steps in the right direction I think.

Today is the beginning of a new season but I am also pleased with the fact that I can see I have the options to create new seasons for myself on a personal level as often as I need them. I know that life will not always be easy, and it certainly has not been so in the first half of it, but it is up to me personally just how difficult I allow it to be. In short, I can choose to have a winter all year round or look for how to change the winter into my much-beloved Spring.

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