Random thoughts, not sure this is a good thing!

A big hello and hoping that your Sunday is restful and relaxing.

I am not sure what sort of day I am actually having. My head is certainly not working, and my body has decided that a full blown strike was called for. Today is accepted as a day of rest, and I am comfortable treating it as this, with the only entry in the ‘to do’ book is my blog. I really am not sure how much I will get written before the mind decides enough is enough, but I am 100% it will be very random!

My thoughts today have travelled from ‘how much dish liquid to use?’, ‘do I really know how to open that jar?’, and ‘have I had anything to eat?’.  Yes, when my head stops working it really stops, I can struggle to even remember my name. It is very scary, and the medical profession is not certain just how long-lasting this will be, so for the moment I just try not to get too upset about it.

I went for a walk with my daughter, nothing overly stressful, I am pleased I did because it gives me a level of control over my own well-being. I am not too sure if I have shared this yet, but I have recently joined a wellness programme, with the idea of not only losing weight but helping me to address my numerous ‘issues’. I am now into week two and have lost weight but more importantly, for me, is seeing just how problems you carry for your past can influence who you are now! If I am going to have to learn to live with restrictions from the damage to my body, then I may as well create the ‘new’ me to order.

I have just tried to review what I have written but it makes no sense at all, so have fun reading, and I am sorry if there is no rhyme or reason to it but I promised myself I would pen something every day.

You should know who you truly are!

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